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3.0 3VZ 88-95 Head Gasket Set TOYOTA


ISHINO Cylinder Head Gasket Set 

TOYOTA 3VZ 88-95

ISHINO Gasket set with an OEM SANWA Head Gasket

This is the updated head gasket design!

ISHINO STONE® - Corteco Ishino Corporation of Japan - has been manufacturing gaskets since 1932 and tier-1 OEM supplier to Toyota, Honda and other Japanese auto manufacturers.

The Corteco Ishino solution is to supply gaskets featuring a combination of different metals with different elastomer layers, carefully adapted to complement each other and preserve the integrity of the seal.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superb quality and precision manufacturing process to ensure overall sealing dependability
  • Static sealing solutions are guaranteed to supply strong sealing power to eliminate any leakage
  • Manufactured to exact OEM specifications
  • Most gasket sets include components needed for a complete overhaul