3.4 5VZ 95-99 Head Gasket Set OEM TOYOTA


3.4 5VZ ISHINO Head Gasket Set OEM 


4RUNNER 1996-1999

TACOMA 1995-1998

ISHINO STONE® - Corteco Ishino Corporation of Japan - has been manufacturing gaskets since 1932 and tier-1 OEM supplier to Toyota, Honda and other Japanese auto manufacturers.

The Corteco Ishino solution is to supply gaskets featuring a combination of different metals with different elastomer layers, carefully adapted to complement each other and preserve the integrity of the seal.

Features and Benefits:

Superb quality and precision manufacturing process to ensure overall sealing dependability

Static sealing solutions are guaranteed to supply strong sealing power to eliminate any leakage

Manufactured to exact OEM specifications

Most gasket sets include components needed for a complete overhaul