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Spark Plugs TOYOTA 5VZ 1996-2002 DENSO


DENSO U-Groove Spark Plugs

5VZ 1996-2002

DENSO U-Groove spark plug provides a patented U-shaped ground electrode.

This electrode was developed to meet the demand for improved ignitability, which is necessary for an increase of efficiency in emission gas purification and fuel consumption. The U-Groove gives the flame a groove to grow in, thereby creating a larger flame front for a more complete combustion even in the case of lean air-fuel mixture. A conventional, flat ground electrode design of regular plugs crushes the flame preventing full spark potential.The distinctive five-rib insulator in purified alumina prevents leakage and flashover, while dual internal copper-glass seals and a copper-core center electrode with nickel-alloy tip assure reliable spark delivery.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100 percent pre-fired to ensure reliable operation
  • Patented U-Grove ground electrode
  • Bonded; center electrode and insulator for a gas-tight seal
  • Copper core center electrode for superior thermal conductivity
  • Unique five-rib insulator reduces flashover
  • Patented U-groove ground electrode design fires leaner mixtures than conventional plugs
  • Precision machine-rolled threads reduce seizing and cross-threading in delicate aluminum heads
  • Wide range of part numbers for thousands of applications, including classic and collector cars