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Radiator Hose, UPPER TOYOTA 1995.5-2004 2RZ/3RZ


Radiator Hose, UPPER 

TOYOTA 1995.5-2004 RZ

Mackay utilizes leading edge rubber technology and compounds, supported by in-house processes from rubber mixing to final product. This ensures hoses are made to the strict specifications required for the advanced motor vehicles of the 21st century. In vehicles of today, a hose has to be designed to withstand the stresses of modern, more compact but powerful engines that run hotter and at a higher pressure. Other factors include smaller engine compartments with poor heat dissipation, aggressive coolant additives, and stray (electrochemical) current that may be conducting through the cooling system.

In short, the smaller but more powerful engines of today work a lot harder than the larger engines that were standard before. More heat is generated, higher burst pressures are required in cooling system components, and hoses have to be made tougher to withstand these demands. Mackay’s research and development chemists have developed new rubber formulations and manufacturing processes that ensure Mackay hoses meet the greater wear and heat demands created by modern engines. Rubber compounds used in automotive hoses today are predominantly synthetic rubber formulation.

All Mackay coolant hoses are made from EPDM compounds that are highly resistant to ozone attack. Hoses made from some other rubber compounds may be subject to ozone deterioration.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Resists chemical attack (oils, fuels etc.)
  • Excellent Ozone resistance
  • Good resistance to abrasion
  • High resistance to vibration