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84-88 Bypass Hose Kit, 22RE Toyota EFI only


Bypass Hose Kit

Toyota 22RE Late 84-88 EFI ONLY

Do NOT over look these hoses!

You replace your radiator hoses every few years, well you should be replacing these also. These hoses are part of the same cooling system and I have seen so many engines laid to rest because one of these hoses failed. 

This hose kit consists of 4 Hoses;

IAC Valve to pipe & IAC Valve to throttle body, throttle Body to intake by t-stat, 5/8 U Hose/Pipe to bottom of intake manifold, with (6) size #4 Hose Clamps. And (2) size #10 clamps.  

If you're looking for the Bypass Hose Kit for a 22R 1989-1995, click here.

**Some of these hoses may need to be trimmed to fit.