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AISIN Clutch Master Cylinder 22R 1984-89

$55.00 $35.95

AISIN Clutch Master Cylinder  

22R 1985-88 PICKUP

22R 1984-89 4RUNNER

AISIN’s original equipment technology and know-how is applied to design and engineer hydraulics. Each part is manufactured vehicle specific, 

ensuring product quality and reliability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Precision honing of hydraulic cylinders are monitored under OE quality control standards
  • Anodizing and Kanizen plating of cylinder bodies strengthens surface, ensuring smooth operation of the piston, and resists corrosion
  • Heat resistant and extended life Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPDM) seals prevent leakage
  • Quick response design reacts to driver's clutch and brake