89-95 EFI Complete Coolant Hose Kit, 22RE Late Toyota Pickup


1989-1995 EFI Complete Hose Kit

Toyota Pickup 22RE Late 

When replacing your Engine, it's a great idea to look at all of your hoses for cracks and leaks. This Kit is all the replacement hoses and clamps needed.


This kit comes complete with 9 hoses & 18 clamps. Here are the parts this kit consists of;

Radiator Hoses - Upper, Middle, & Lower with (6) size #20 hose clamps

Heater Hoses - Long, J Hose, Short with (6) size #10 hose clamps

Bypass Hoses - Throttle Body Top, Throttle Body Lower, 5/8 U hose with (6) size #4 hose clamps

**Some of these hoses may need to be trimmed to fit.