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22RTE Stage 1 Pro Port Head w/ +1mm SS Valves

$1,200.00 $1,000.00

22RTE (turbo) NEW Stage 1 Cylinder Head with 1mm Over sized Stainless Valves

This is a new Stage 1 Pro Port turbo cylinder head with CNC milled combustion chambers (62cc). We install 1mm over sized stainless valves into a pro ported and polished cylinder head to increase air flow and add power. We use 75 lb. valve springs that are good for up to .600 lift performance cams

  • Pro port and polish
  • 1mm oversized stainless valves
  • 75 lb valve springs
  • Chromoly retainers
  • Hardened shims


This cylinder head does NOT include a camshaft.