Below you will find information about your core engine, shipping and our warranty. 

Each engine has a refundable core charge.

Not all engines are going to bring a full refund. When it comes to your core, remember 3 things:

1) We would much rather have your good core engine than your core charge (we can’t build good engines without good cores).

2) We are very choosy about the parts we use in our engines, so we have to be the same way about our blocks, rods and crankshafts. We build excellent engines (that’s why you're here, right?). Even if you have a bad block or crankshaft there is still most likely something that we CAN use. So give us a call and we can walk you through the process. You may still be able to receive partial core deposit return.

3) We will not accept a different engine as a core exchange. For example, an Early 22R engine for a late 22R engine or a Late 22R engine for a 22RTE turbo.  Our policy is the same on our transmissions or anything that requires a core charge. If you are unsure, need some clarification or have any questions, please give us a call before placing your order.


Stock 22RE Core Items

Stage 1-5 22RE Core Items

22R, 22RE, 22RTE

Engine components:

Complete Rocker Assembly

Complete Cylinder Head

Camshaft (with no damaged lobes)

Block - with all 5 main caps, 10 bolts with no striped holes or broken bolts, 2 dowels in the rear of block and oil filter adapter

Crankshaft (must be able to be reconditioned)

4 rods, 8 nuts (please don’t mix up the rod caps)

Rear main housing

Oil Pump Drive Gear

Oil Filter Adapter

Distributor Drive gear with flat spacer or fuel pump accentric

Oil Pan (Stage 1-5 or purchased)

Valve Cover (Stage 1-5 or purchased)

4 Valve Cover Nuts

The list below is a list of items we DO NOT accept.

If your BLOCK

1) Has already been bored .040 over or will not make .040  (piston will be stamped 1.00 or .040 )

2) Is Cracked, has striped head bolt holes, or damaged thrust washer surface (at #3 main bearing)

3) Is a Chinese block or doesn't have an engine serial number (Old Attarco crap)

4) Has excessive rust

5) Has been repaired, modified or have been decked more then .005

6) Has Damage from the Timing Chain


1) Has been ground .010 on the rods or mains

2) Has damage to the thust surface at center main  (#3)


4) Has damage to the keyway slots

5) Has been welded, repaired or modified

6) Has excessive rust

7) Has striped holes at front or back

8) Has damage to the snout

If you return your core full of oil, there will be a $50 deduction from your core charge for oil disposal.

None of our engines come with intake or exhaust studs.  The stock engines do not include valve cover studs.  Please Remember to pull all your studs out of your core engine. If you are unable to, we have new stud kits available.

2RZ, 3RZ, 3VZ, 5VZ ,2JZ & all other Engines

Please call us for details on these cores, all of our engine builds are custom, so the core components may vary.



When purchasing an engine, please remember that you will get a better rate if you ship to a Commercial Address that has a forklift or loading dock. Prices displayed in the shipping calculator are based on a commercial location with regular business hours & a forklift or loading dock available. If you are shipping to a Residential and/or need Lift gate Service, there will be an additional charge. Our Freight Carriers will not allow a pallet to be lifted off the truck by hand.

Residential Service +$60.00

Life gate Service +$60.00

We ship all our engines with many different Carriers, but their policies are the same. Shipping Times are usually as follows:

Pacific Coast 1-2 days

Mountain  2-3 days

Central 3-4 days

Eastern 4-5 Days

Core Engines can NOT be picked up at the time of delivery unless you have it strapped down to a pallet with the oil drained, and ready to go.  And you HAVE already made arrangements with us to have it picked up at the same time.  Please note that we have a general weight for these engine so please don’t leave unneeded accessories on them.

It works out best if you reuse our shipping pallets when returning your core engine. Please call us with detailed information on the day and hours of operation to schedule the core pick up.

Please note that the return shipping cost will be deducted from your core charge. Please feel free to call around and get your own shipping quote for your core return. If you would like to know how much our carrier will be, please give us a call for a quote.

Please be aware that if your core engine is not rebuildable, you will still be responsible for the return shipping. If your block has a rod through it, we can’t accept that, but we would still like the rest of the core. Some engine components may be returned for a partial core refund. Please see the above list or give us a call on core components.

Remember, we would rather have your core than your money.


Yota1 Performance, Inc. provides a Standard ONE year warranty on our Engines and Transmissions. Yota1 Performance, Inc. warrants each re manufactured engine and transmission to be free from defects for one year.  We will repair or replace the defective part or defect in workmanship. Possible defects should be reported to us immediately.

BREAK IN OIL MUST be run for the first 500 miles This is to ensure that there is no damage to the camshaft, rocker assembly and all other internal engine components. Failure to follow this procedure will void your warranty (we can tell). During the first 500 miles be sure to check all fluid levels frequently Keep a close eye out for leaks. For the first 500 miles NO towing, off road or heavy driving. Please visit the install tips page and feel free to call our guys in tech support with any questions.  


NO Warranty is offered for racing, competition or commercial use engines.


If you would like to purchase an additional warranty plan, please give us a call.


_____1 year LABOR $400.00                               _____1 year LABOR $125.00

_____2 year LABOR $700.00                           _____2 year LABOR $200.00

_____2 year EXTENDED PRODUCT (NO LABOR) $400.00         _____2 year EXTENDED PRODUCT (NO LABOR) $125.00



______22R,22RE Engines $550.00            ______ALL Other Engines $550.00     _____Transmission $300.00


SILVER PLAN 1 or 2 year LABOR for Engines and Transmissions

365 or 730 days In-House Labor Warranty

If your Engine or Transmission was NOT installed in our shop, and there is an issue, this warranty will cover the labor to remove and re-install the covered product. This work will be done at our shop and includes all fluids, gaskets and shop supplies associated with this covered product only.  You will NOT be charged for the repair 

SILVER PLAN 1 or 2 year EXTENDED PRODUCT for Engines and Transmissions

This warranty extends your 1 year product warranty to 2 years. Please see details about our 1 year warranty.  No Labor is included in this warranty. 

GOLD PLAN Warranty for Engines and Transmissions (2 years EXTENDED PRODUCT & LABOR)

This warranty lets you purchase peace of mind for your new product. This 2 year extended warranty covers your new engine or transmission including Labor for 2 years. This means that for 2 years if you have any issues with our product we will provide all parts and labor to repair or replace the covered product at no cost. This also includes all fluids, gaskets and shop supplies associated with the covered product only. 


STANDARD 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Yota1 Performance, Inc. warrants from purchase date all products for 365 days unless otherwise specified. The Standard warranty covers the purchased product in event of defect, malfunction, or failure for 365 days. Yota1 Performance, Inc. will at their option repair, refund or within a reasonable time replace the defective part. At no time shall a refund exceed the part purchase price. Labor is not covered under the Standard Warranty. 

EXTENDED REPLACEMENT WARRANTY AND LABOR COVERAGE WARRANTY: Must be purchased separately. Thank you for choosing Yota1 Performance, Inc. to purchase your Engine, Transmission or Parts. As an independent automotive Engine & Transmission Builder, we greatly appreciate the confidence you have placed in us with your purchase. To further serve your needs, we offer an extended warranty program to add value to your purchase. Extended and Labor coverage shields you from possible expenses incurred upon part failure. Please consider carefully the warranty that best serves your needs.

All Products purchased from Yota1 Performance, Inc. come with a standard 365 day warranty unless otherwise noted on your invoice. Unless specifically noted on the front of your invoice, this is the only warranty on your purchased product. Please read the conditions of this warranty under “Standard Warranty”. Please see the warranty rules for exclusions and further warranty information.

NOTICE TO WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS: Please discuss with your customer what warranty you choose to give to your customer prior to commencing work on their vehicle. Make sure that they understand what is and is not covered, and how the warranty you choose affects their cost and coverage. In the event of a part failure that is under warranty, any and all warranty claims will be handled with you and not directly with your customer.


This warranty begins from the original date of purchase. Coverage is limited to the original buyer who is in compliance with the terms of the invoice and is restricted to the replacement of the defective part.

If the product is replaced under warranty, the warranty term is still based on the date of the original sales invoice. 

The Statement DECLINED EXTENDED WARRANTY on the front of this warranty form means the customer has chosen not to purchase an additional warranty.

ONE- YEAR PRODUCT ONLY – NO LABOR and TWO-YEAR PRODUCT ONLY – NO LABOR warranties are replacement warranties only. No Labor Paid. 

Warranty claims must be approved before any work is done.

The purchase of a labor warranty does not guarantee complete reimbursement for the entire repair cost of the warranty     repair.

If we installed your engine or transmission and there is an issue, we will repair the problem at no cost to you.

If WE DID NOT install the engine, transmission or part and no labor warranty was purchased, you will need to remove it from the vehicle and return it to us.  PLEASE call us before you do, we may be able to walk you thru the issue. If you would like us to take a look at the problem before you remove the part we will be happy to do so and we would usually prefer this. If there is an issue with ANY of our products we will repair or replace the defective part as soon as possible. 

Three Thermal Recorders are installed on all engines. If any of these heat tabs are melted or removed, all warranty coverage is void. We are not responsible for any failures resulting from faulty accessories, operator abuse, lack of lubrication for any reason, not maintaining proper fluid levels, operation without proper coolant, fuel, oil, rich or lean condition or from the use of artificial starting fluid.

All transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Yota1 Performance, Inc. reserves the right to repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of any product sold under the standard or extended warranties.

In the event of defect, promptly notify Yota1 Performance, Inc. Do not remove the part from the vehicle without consent by Yota1 or the warranty is void. All Warranty issues can be diagnosed and solved best in the vehicle.

All Warranties are void if the product purchased is used for RACING, COMPETITIVE OR COMMERCIAL USE.

Yota1 Performance, Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or expenses due to the failure of the purchased product. . Including but not limited to labor, installation, shipping, towing, fluid replacement, lost wages, or income, lost time or inconvenience.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to retain the original invoice and present it for claim.

Warranty is for the original purchaser only, and is not transferable, except when purchased by a dealer for installation into a client’s vehicle.

Extended Warranties and Labor Coverage are not refundable or returnable.

Purchase of an extended warranty does not entitle the purchaser to return a product deemed “not needed” or “Incorrect”.

Yota1 Performance, Inc.reserves the right to suspend, modify, or discontinue any or all parts of the Extended Warranty and Labor Coverage program without notice.

Labor warranties may only be purchased at the time of the product purchase.

Labor claims are covered only to the amount of the duration of coverage purchased. Multiple claims against the same product are capped by the amount of the coverage purchased, regardless of incidence of product failure.

Yota1 Performance, Inc. reserves the right to have labor preformed at a facility of its choice.

Declining purchase or failure to purchase labor warranty releases Yota1 Performance, Inc. from all labor claims.

Warranty Installation cautions and procedures attached to certain assemblies such as Engines, Transmissions, Transfer Cases and axles. Please read and protect your warranty by compliance with installation guide information. More information on our Install Tips Page. 

WARRANTY CLAIM PROCEDURE: Yota1 Performance, Inc. quality tests and inspects all products prior to sale. In the unfortunate event of the product failure, we hope to reduce the severity through warranties and service. For accurate processing of warranty claims, please follow the procedures below. Adherence to those policies will help expedite communication and resolution of purchased product problems. Please have the following items to aid warranty processing:

The original invoice available

A copy of the install documents if it applies

Receipts of parts you may have purchased in conjunction with installation 

Diagnosis of the purchased product failure or malfunction if you received one prior to contacting Yota1

Any vehicle default codes found via scanning tool

Contact your sales representative immediately. All warranty claims are date recorded upon first communication with Yota1 Performance, Inc.

Yota1 Performance, Inc.

is NOT affiliated with TOYOTA Corporation.